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In this section you’ll find our latest expert insights on data-driven student success monitoring, as well as Pulse customer case studies and the latest news about the developers of Pulse, Student Achievement Systems LLC!  

Blog Series: Data is Your Friend!

Part 1: Find Measurable Lead Metrics

Now that you have your SMART goal – in our case creating a 5% improvement in graduation rates – it’s time to do some research! This is probably the most important step you can take which will give you the greatest chance of reaching your goals. It also takes the most time.

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Part 2: Identify Methods to Track Data and Report Outcomes

This school utilizes Pulse as their primary student tracking tool. There are several benefits to using this tool that will not be covered in this blog, but the greatest reason it made sense for the school to transition to the use of the Pulse Student Support tool was because Pulse is capable of centrally tracking all engagement data in one area.

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Part 3: How to Effectively Report Outcomes — Dashboards

Now we are ready to begin presenting results to staff members, and centrally monitoring them. Pulse has a dashboard system built into it to help accomplish this task now, but for a long time this school prepared weekly dashboard reports through data exports from Pulse and Google Sheets.

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Blog Series: Effective MTSS

Step 2: Map your MTSS/PBIS Support Strategy Based on Student Needs

Once you’ve identified the areas of greatest need, it’s time to begin developing your support detail. This first involves sharing the results of your staff and student research with your colleagues and beginning the discussion of identifying adult actions (supports) that can be implemented to remove barriers and adequately support students.

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Step 5: Train your Staff in the MTSS Model

If you are an Educator, you have had several hours of school-provided professional development (PD). You know that some PD can be wonderful, and some can be horrendous. You’ve probably started to identify some of the critical characteristics of good PD, and we have also…

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Press Releases

Case Studies

Leadership Team

John Sorensen, CEO

John is a pioneer in the business management and automation software industry, and has expanded that expertise and leadership into developing other workflow automation solutions. John developed some of the most successful software products for the television industry, then went on to lead these software companies in management and CEO roles. He has accomplished everything from launching successful software startups to leading decades of profitable growth and managing acquisitions to turn-arounds. John was the founding board president for Success Virtual Learning Centers of Michigan, a successful blended learning school in western lower Michigan.

Steve Falk, CTO

Steve joined Cable Computerized Management Systems (CCMS) as a Software Engineer in the television industry after receiving an education in Electronics. He rose through the ranks during his time at CCMS and Harris, landing in the role of Chief Technical Officer. Steve helped architect Harris’ next generation software application and performed due diligence for potential acquisitions. 

Steve has led the development of the next generation Student Performance and Management software application for Student Achievement Systems.

Brion Eriksen, CMO

Brion is founder and owner of Elexicon, a digital agency focused on high-tech innovators and start-ups. Brion joined Student Achievement Systems as fractional CMO in 2021. 

Brion has worked with John and Steve as a co-worker and marketing vendor since 1996, and has provided marketing strategy and creative direction for their software firms and start-ups as well as many similar clients throughout his career. Brion is leading Student Achievement Systems’ marketing and user experience efforts and consulting on sales, fundraising and operations.  

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