Data is Your Friend!

In this blog series we will be working with Chris Loiselle, Operations Director for two successful virtual schools in Michigan, to learn about how his schools incorporate the use of data into their school improvement planning process. 

Part 1: Find Measurable Lead Metrics

Now that you have your SMART goal – in our case creating a 5% improvement in graduation rates – it’s time to do some research! This is probably the most important step you can take which will give you the greatest chance of reaching your goals. It also takes the most time.

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Part 2: Identify Methods to Track Data and Report Outcomes

This school utilizes Pulse as their primary student tracking tool. There are several benefits to using this tool that will not be covered in this blog, but the greatest reason it made sense for the school to transition to the use of the Pulse Student Support tool was because Pulse is capable of centrally tracking all engagement data in one area.

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Part 3: How to Effectively Report Outcomes — Dashboards

Now we are ready to begin presenting results to staff members, and centrally monitoring them. Pulse has a dashboard system built into it to help accomplish this task now, but for a long time this school prepared weekly dashboard reports through data exports from Pulse and Google Sheets.

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Since 2011 Chris Loiselle has worked as building administrator, CFO, and Chief Strategic Officer for Success Virtual Learning Centers and Berrien Springs Public Schools, where he is currently filling the Director of Quality Assurance role. While working at Success, Chris was instrumental in the development of the Pulse student support software. His passion is working in K-12 managing e-learning centers and building software to help improve virtual learning outcomes.

Chris has presented on this student data topic at the 2022 Digital Learning Annual Conference and will also be presenting at Quality Matters’ 2022 QM Connect conference November 6-9 in Tuscon, AZ.

His goal is to be able to help people prosper and succeed in today’s challenging educational environment.