Pulse is the powerful, simple, no-hassle way to engage your virtual classroom and remote students right where they are on the learning continuum. These powerful features make managing remote student populations efficient and effective:  

Focus Your Attention On Your Students

Here’s the 80/20 solution: Pulse can show you the 20 percent of your students that need 80 percent of your effort. Through powerful user tools like the Teacher Dashboard, the pulse of your students is in clear view.

You will see…

Having Pulse at your fingertips means you can finally know which students need your help now. And it gives you the tools you need to build the best plan to help those students then and there. 

The Heart of Pulse: The Teacher Dashboard

Pulse features a clear, at-a-glance dashboard that provides powerful student data for an entire class. Row-by-row, instructors can quickly scan across student data as it happens. With this accurate data stream from Pulse, there’s no sifting through records hoping to figure out when the last touch-point occurred. Instead, data points that show student progress, schedules, and communications are delivered up-to-the-moment, allowing teachers to make on-target decisions to best help students.

Key areas tracked include…

Pulse tracks staff engagement by reporting on the dashboard the frequency of both successful and unsuccessful contact.

More Features

Teachers know that time spent on administrative tasks means time away from directly helping students. Pulse “knows” that too. We’ve built tons of behind-the-scenes features into the system that allow fast reporting and accountability to satisfy a variety of teaching program parameters.


Pulse was created to help staff provide full support for virtual learners, and act as a method of tracking student and staff engagement. Key statistics allows schools to set benchmarks and identify best practices.

School and Student Statistics provide evaluations of the success of accomplishing benchmarks by reporting summary metrics on staff and student engagement. The student statistics section compares special student groups to ensure groups of students are adequately served.

The Teacher Log

A case notes logging system is included so that every student has a recording of teacher/student interaction. The Teacher Log is integrated with an app on the student’s personal device for a safe and secure communication with teachers and support staff. All communication through this application is automatically recorded.

Student Information

The Student Information feature houses all of the contact and critical data that staff use to interact and keep track of the student. Reminders and notes can also be entered. This information can be integrated with a Student Information System like PowerSchool.

This feature allows teachers to quickly obtain the latest information about a student’s performance. This report is especially helpful for communications with a student’s parent, for example.  

The Student Plan

Pulse allows staff to build a personal schedule and monitor the completion of a student’s educational goals. This section can also be integrated with your LMS system, and can import transcript information and completed courses data.

The Chat Center and Message Center

The Message Center is a powerful and efficient tool for center staff to communicate with groups of students. Message templates with mail merge features are included so that messages can be customized for students.

The Chat Center enables a teacher to communicate directly with his or her remote students, using a Facebook Messenger-style interface they can install on their mobile devices. 

More Dashboards: School, Center and Staff

Tracking of key student and staff engagement metrics are monitored in dashboards. These can be used during staff meetings to engage staff members in areas of student support which are working, or which require further refinement.

Support and Intervention Monitoring

Pulse incorporates a fully functional student support scheduling and monitoring system which will allow staff to track the implementation and success or failure of student plans, identifying best practices for virtual learners.

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