The top 10 benefits

Why Pulse?

In no particular order, here are the “top 10” reasons administrators and teachers increase the effectiveness, efficiency and overall value of their virtual learning programs by using Pulse. Request a Demo to talk to us in more detail about each of these benefits!

Increases and improves remote student interaction time...

Pulse equips and empowers teachers to communicate and interface with their remote students in real time.

...while decreasing teacher administration time

In addition, Pulse provides aggregated data and reporting, meaning there’s more time for student interaction

Pulls up-to-the-minute student status from your Learning Management Systems

That fresh student data and information is coming directly from your LMS.  

Interfaces in real-time with multiple LMS systems, simultaneously

In fact, even if you use multiple LMS’, Pulse interfaces with them and aggregates their data. 

Improves overall operational efficiency of your virtual learning program

Less time digging through multiple systems to paint a picture of how students are doing. You know how they’re doing, at any time, at a glance.

Improves teacher accountability and accuracy

Teacher interactions and communications are captured in the Pulse system, so they and administrators have an accurate account of interactions with each student. 

Aids development of student intervention strategies

Teacher and administrators get the right data at the right time for each student, leading to more effective interventions with  struggling students. .

Manages your regulatory requirements in one simple place

Regulatory and compliance issues for virtual learning used to require nearly a full-time staff member to manage. Pulse’s real-time student data makes compliance management less time consuming.

Establishes best-practices benchmarks for teacher interactions with their virtual learners

The more you use Pulse, the more valuable data you’re going to compile about what’s working for your students, and what’s not. 

Saves time, saves money, immediately returns ROI

Your virtual learning teachers’ time is spent more efficiently, interacting with and educating  students. There’s less time wasted  on complicated administrative tasks, and your virtual classrooms produce better results. 

Put your finger on the pulse of your virtual learning programs today.