Administrators, are you frustrated with the low completion rate of your credit recovery classes – costing you more money to reteach the previous semester's coursework? Do you want your students and teachers to do better? How do you even benchmark "better"? Sure, it's easy to assess "better" (or worse) at the end of the year, but what does better look like on a daily basis? Pulse solves these challenges for you!

Who are we? What do we do?

You need to know how students are doing, so why dig through old information, trying to piece together the story? Pulse gives you a wealth of highly organized data in real-time, right at your fingertips – so you know progress at-a-glance.

Having Pulse at your fingertips not only means you can know which student needs your help when, but it also has tools to help you architect the best ways to help those students. Additionally, teachers know that time spent on administrative tasks means time away from directly helping students. Pulse “knows” that too. We’ve built tons of behind-the-scenes features into the system that allow fast reporting and accountability to satisfy a variety of teaching program parameters.

Teacher Dashboard

Statistics are clearly in view for real-time decision making and performance monitoring. See all of the students in one screen and quickly notice color-coded data points where attention is needed.

Student Information

Drill in to detailed information about a given student. How is the student doing? Do I need to make a call? What was the last conversation about? What should the next conversation be about? These questions and many more are available in real-time with Pulse.

Student Plan

See your student’s transcript, current plan, and enrolled classes.

Teacher Log

Keep a full and audited log of all of your communication with your students. When, and what type of communication was it? Any special considerations?

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