Real-Time Virtual Classroom Data

Stay close to remote student progress from far away

Effectively monitor the pulse of your virtual classroom's success

Get the right information about your virtual program’s effectiveness, when you need it. Are staff and virtual students engaged in learning? Could your students and teachers be doing better? And how do you measure “better,” especially on a daily basis? Pulse is a proven cloud-based solution developed by educators for educators that solves these challenges:

Pulse delivers up-to-the-minute status of each remote student’s performance from several Learning Management Systems,  simultaneously. 

Pulse dashboards and reports make staying current on your entire virtual classroom’s performance simple and well-organized.

Pulse enables you to set best-practices benchmarks for teacher interactions with their virtual learners, and then monitor progress. 

Less time on administration, more time on your mission

Look out over your virtual classroom of students and see how each one is doing in real-time. See who needs your help the most, right now. 

Save time & money, and get immediate ROI

Need a cost/benefit snapshot? Pulse easily pays for itself — quickly. Data is automated, accurate, and real-time. That means time spent managing student progress is greatly reduced, and resources are constantly optimized.

Powerful features

Here are just a few of the simple, time-saving features that help you engage your students right where they are on the learning continuum:

The Teacher Dashboard

The heart of Pulse is found in its dashboard, a live summary of student and staff engagement. 

The Teacher Log

A case notes logging system is included so that every student has a recording of teacher/student interaction.

The Message Center

The Message Center is a powerful and efficient tool for center staff to communicate with groups of students.

The Student Plan

Pulse allows staff to build a personal schedule and monitor the completion of a student’s educational goals.

Student Statistics

School and Student Statistics provide evaluations of the success of accomplishing benchmarks by reporting summary metrics on staff and student engagement.

Student Information

The Student Information feature houses all of the contact and critical data that staff use to interact and keep track of the student.

What Pulse educators are saying:

"You can't affect academic progress and hit targets if you don't know where you're starting from each day."

"As a superintendent, Pulse was an easy decision because it freed up my teachers to spend more time with students."

'I have so much more time now that I'm not entering and tracking data. Time I can now spend with students, creating relationships."

Put your finger on the pulse of your virtual learning programs today.