What Pulse users are saying

Here are a few insights from our clients and users, from superintendents and administrators to virtual learning directors and teachers. 

"Virtual Learning has one major flaw: relational distance." "Somehow, administrators need to be able to verify that staff and students are continually connecting so that critical relational quality between them is maintained. I love that I can see not only the contact frequency clearly displayed on a dashboard, but communication frequency statistics like Communication Rate and Student Response Rate which are reported at the school level and the staff level can be used for benchmarking, monitoring and training purposes. There is no other system that I know of that provides this level of support for virtual learners."
Director of Quality Assurance
"I live off Pulse"
"Without it, I would be spending hours of data collection/organization on my own personal time, so of course I love that about it. Pulse data, number of hours and logins especially, help me decide what my plan of action is going to be for the day and who I'm going to reach out to. But the Communication App portion of The Pulse is probably the biggest "tool" I use. I am now communicating with 100% of my students through the Communication App. They don't all have access to Facebook due to cellular data issues. I make sure to download the app on all of their Chromebooks so if they lose or break their phone, they still have access to the Communication App. It saves me HOURS and HOURS of tracking students down and documenting; therefore, I can spend the majority of my time supporting students."
Teacher - virtual learning
"A few things I find very useful in Pulse:"
  1. Being able to assign multiple teachers to students with their specific roles
  2. Long term notes and reminders to show if they are receiving any kind of student service supports
  3. The ability to add private notes
  4. Log in time
  5. Snapshots of the past 4 weeks/averages (great info for IEPs and REEDs)
  6. The ability to search teacher logs by keywords/names - I use to find the info my team is adding specifically
  7. The ability to create reports with different information to potentially share out with others who need the info (such as outside providers when they do data review for REEDs)
Special Education Director
"As the Executive Director of an On-Line Learning school, Pulse has been extremely beneficial to me. I have all of the information I need, to look for trends in performance and achievement in one place. This resource has given me the opportunity to assess our school, staff and student successes in a completely virtual environment."
Executive Director/Superintendent
"As support staff or administrator, Pulse allows for viewing of data at the school level, location level or staff level. The layers of data allow for a support staff/admin to effectively manage and identify needs at each of these levels so that professional development, school programming, school improvement planning and other resources meet those identified needs. Dashboards are available to review key statistics like average course grades, student progress levels, log in rates, time on task and many others, all updated weekly, so that I can get real-time data for evaluation and planning."
MTSS DIRector, Virtual Programming
"You can’t effect academic progress and hit targets if you don’t know where you’re starting from each day."
"I have so much more time now that I am not entering and tracking data now that I can spend with students creating relationships."
"Using Pulse I have a much better handle on where each student is on their EDP (individualized plan)."
"As an auditor, I appreciate the ability to see all the data displayed clearly and concisely for each student."​
"I now can share with my teachers what (better) looks like and a plan to improve."
"As a superintendent this was an easy decision because it freed up my teachers to spend more time helping students achieve with the time savings more than paying for the investment of Pulse."

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